October 11, 2018

Mis sold shares

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What are the factors on which you were affected by the Mis Sold Shares?

You must be pressured to buy the wrong products. The broker must have given you the wrong information regarding the product description. No one explained the advantages and disadvantages of the products. Your broker didn’t explain to you all of the terms and conditions of the products.

Investment examples on Mis-Sold shares

Your broker didn’t disclose the amount of risk which is involved in the investment. You were not aware of how to invest the money in a fair way. There are many circumstances on which you need to file to complain to the service provider so that they can further provide you with compensation.

The firm has gone out from the business

If the firm has been left bankrupt, they will no longer pay you the compensation. At last, you will end up getting your compensation from the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). You have to follow some safety measures and guidelines before filing a complaint against your firm.

Mis-selling of shares can arise for many reasons such as:

  • The firm was trading, but it failed to disclose.
  • The accurate amount of precautions and risks were not properly explained.
  • The number of shares was not suitable for the investors.
  • The broker has given you false and inappropriate information.
  • The firm could not be able to assess the financial circumstances of the investors.

You need to think thrice before filing a complaint about your firm. You can take the help of many reputed online services, which will help you with finding the right solutions. Think patiently, before dragging your case to the court; you can take the help of the services to get back your compensation. You can take the help of the PAS or Pensions Advisory Service for pension matters. The online service will watch out and investigate your matter free of cost so that you can get your compensation in time.

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